On November 23rd, 2013 is Doctor Who Special with the 11th Doctor And the 10th Doctor and his fellow compaions. going to be huge and BIG!!!! 

Is the Time War going to be in the Special?Edit

Yes the TIME WAR will be in the 50th Anniversary. Plus the Daleks and the Nightmare Child is going use the MOMENT. well it was mention in "The End Of Time" epsiode special (10th doctor, and The Master) 

Is The Special going to be in the Movies?Edit

Saddly no, the 50th Anniversary is going to be on BBC AMERICA. but if you live in the U.K its in the cinema, and in other countrys is going to be show over 70 countrys. 

Is The 12th Doctor Going To Be In The Special?Edit

Yes Mabye because the 12th doctor will be in the anniversay just for a short secound.