New Tardis Interior Design 2013

New Tardis Interior Design 2013



Tardis interior 2010-2012

There's many things you didn't know about The TARDIS like we will tell you what is the Safist room in the TARDIS and wheres the pool at and the library and many more to come when the series unfolds.


Tardis as it look like on the outside. and the 11th doctor (Mats Smith) Tardis

the computerEdit

The Time Lord has A computer in Galifreyan and tells him what's happing, the date.

The roomsEdit

The TARDIS has many, many rooms. For example there's a pool, telescope, and a library.

The Control RoomEdit

In the Control Room is the safeist room in the TARDIS. While the Doctor did'nt know that he has previous Control Rooms like for example: The Tardis saved the 10th Doctor's Control Room. Just for keeping.